"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

29 Lund – Sweden

20th – 21st October 2016

How to assess traffic safety? – Adapting methods to future challenges 

Organisers: Åse Svensson, Aliaksei Laureshyn

The workshop was organised in co-operation with Lund University, Department of Technology and Society, Division of Traffic Engineering, Sweden.

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Key Note Sessions
Chair: Matus Sucha & Åse Svensson
How to assess traffic safety? – Adapting methods to future challenges piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Christer Hydén

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Traffic safety of tomorrow – a conflict-free system piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Maria Krafft

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Vulnerable road users
Chair: András Várhelyi
Towards Developing a Bicycle Riding Behaviour Questionnaire piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Mohsen Fallah Zavareh

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Elaborating on best practise for traffic calming pedestrian crosswalks piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Lars Leden

piktogramm_pdf Full paper
Pedestrian Crossings near Elementary schools piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Matus Sucha

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
The strength of the safety-in-numbers effect is inversely related to cyclist and pedestrian volume piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Rune Elvik

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Social structures
Chair: Elisabth Füssl
Road user’s behaviour in Estonia: what has changed in 2001 – 2015 piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Juri Ess

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Impacts of connected and automated driving from the road operator perspective piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Risto Kulmala

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Traffic conflict technique
Chair: Aliaksei Laureshyn
Can the Delphi method complement or replace time-based measuring of conflicts between vulnerable road users? piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Morten Lind Jensen

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Understanding aberrant driving behaviour in Nigeria using the traffic conflict technique piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Chinebuli Uzondu

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Developing Evasive Action-Based Indicators for Identifying Pedestrian Conflicts in Less Organised Traffic Environments  

Tarek Sayed

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
How to identify safety critical events in naturalistic datasets  

Tibor Petzoldt

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Validation of surrogate traffic safety indicators piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Carl Johnsson

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Observation techniques
Chair: Lena Hiselius
Observing observation of road user behaviour: A scoping review into current practices in scientific literature piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Wouter van Haperen

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Advantages and challenges of a video-based experiment to investigate drivers’ speed choice at work zones piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Renata Steinbakk

piktogramm_pdf Full Paper
What is going on here? – Exploring Interaction of Cyclists and Car drivers in Vienna with regard to perceived change and stagnation of cycling policies piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Elisabeth Füssl

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
The use of surrogate measures of safety in site-based observations of road traffic: a scoping review piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Tim De Ceunynck

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
RUBA – video analysis software for road user behaviour analyses piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Tanja Kidholm Osmann Madsen

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Chair: Wouter van Haperen
Survival or deviance? A discussion of motives governing driver behaviour piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Truls Vaa

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
The effect of wind turbines alongside motorways on drivers’ behaviour piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Stijn Daniels

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Cyclist Behaviour and Safety Assessment at Discontinuities in the Cycling Network: Adopting Surrogate Safety Analysis using Video Data piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Matin Nabavi Niaki

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
GOGREEN – An Austrian national project to assess the influence of greenery on the behaviour of road users piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Karin Ausserer

piktogramm_pdf Full paper
General Traffic Safety Culture Model: Case Study of Estonia piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Anton Pashkevich

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Chair: Tibor Petzold
Roundabouts converted for road trains and the effect on vehicle speed piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Niels Agerholm

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Development of a speed-based surrogate roundabout safety measure piktogramm_pdf Presentation  

Ondrej Gogolín

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Poster Session
Chair: Nicole Muhlrad
Frequency and Severity of Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents in Warsaw  

Piotr Olszewski

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Learning of Mannered Driving by Knowing own Cognitive Style of Empathizing-Systemizing  

Shunji Taniguchi

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Autonomous Cars: Benefits, Risks and Perspectives  

Anton Pashkevich

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Social media and Traffic safety in India  

Thomas Rajesh

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
The role of fines and rewards in the self-regulation of young drivers: methodological and conceptual issues  

Wafa Elias

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Are weather parameters suitable predictors of road safety outcomes ?  piktogramm_pdf Poster  

Ruth Bergel-Hayat

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Is there any connection between road classification and driving speed in Slovenia?  

Boštjan Celan

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Speed Choice and Curve Radius on Rural Roads  

Niels Agerholm

piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Impact analysis of additional ambulance vehicle beacons  

Andreas Leich

piktogramm_pdf Abstract

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