"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

X. ICTCT Extra Workshop Beijing, China

26th – 37th April 2016

Cycling and planning for cyclists

Organisers: Jiang Bi HU

The workshop was organised in co-operation with the the Beijing University of Technology

 Book of abstracts
Key Note Sessions
Chair: Christoph Hupfer
Chinese cycling development piktogramm_pdf Presentation JiangBi HU

Special session – IMPACT
Chair: Christine Chaloupk
Overview of the project IMPACT  piktogramm_pdf Presentation Daniel Vankov
 piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Public awareness raising campaign in China  piktogramm_pdf Presentation Fannie Wang
 piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Evaluation of the campaigns  piktogramm_pdf Presentation Clemens Kaufmann
 piktogramm_pdf Abstract


Promoting Cycling 

Chair: Niels Agerholm
Social Marketing to Promote Cycling piktogramm_pdf Presentation Ralf Risser
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Bicycle Traffic in the Czech Republic: the Ways of Influencing the Behaviour of People Involved in It piktogramm_pdf Presentation Matus Sucha
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Encouraging cycling in medium-sized cities in Germany – The Karlsruhe Example Christoph Hupfer
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Bicycles as key-elements in developing mobility service providers in Germany Fabienne Kuerner
piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Chair: Matus Sucha
Young drivers and effects from graduated driving license piktogramm_pdf Presentation Niels Agerholm
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Cycling speed and trip length as factors influencing helmet use Katja Schleinitz
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Communication of bicyclists with car drivers and safety critical events piktogramm_pdf Presentation Christine Chaloupka-Risser
piktogramm_pdf Abstract

Chair: JiangBi Hu
Analysis on the technical content of bicycle lane system piktogramm_pdf Presentation Jiechao Chen
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Cycling and designing for cyclists in Germany: An Overview of Road safety, Research and Guidelines piktogramm_pdf  Presentation Benjamin Schreck
piktogramm_pdf Abstract
Applied Research on Self-light Emitting Technology in Slow Traffic Ting Yu
piktogramm_pdf Abstract

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