"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

BEKIARIS, Evangelos


Born 1965 in Athens, Greece


  • 1988 Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
  • 1995 PhD “Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens

Professional activities

  • 1989 – 1991 Mech. Engineer in R&D department of PROTECH S.A.
  • 1991 – 1996 Director of R&D department of N. PORTOULIS S.A.
  • 1991 – 1996 Research Associate in Mechanical Structures and Automatic Control sector, Mechanical Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens
  • 1992 – 1996 Researcher in HELGECO S.A.
  • 1996 Director of R&D department of HELGECO S.A.
  • 1997 – 1999 Principal Consultant in Transport Research and Development S.A.
  • 1997 – 2000 Director of Department of Design, Development and Implementation of Telematics Applications in Transport in the company Transeuropean Consulting Unit of Thessaloniki S.A.
  • Since 1999 Research Associate Laboratory of Transport Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Since 2000 Technical Consultant of HELPA regarding Telematics Applications for Transport
  • Since 2001 Researcher B in the Hellenic Institute of Transport, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

Main areas of interest

  • Telematics Applications for Transport
  • Road accidents and their causes
  • Training of drivers
  • Technical-financial evaluation of transport applications and infrastructure
  • Transport technology for disabled people

Recent publications

  • Bekiaris, E., Dangelmaier, M., “Conceptualisation of the HMI of an integrated Driver Monitoring and Emergency Handling Systems”, ITS Journal, 2000, Vol. 5(4), pp. 279-291
  • Bekiaris, E., Peters, B., “Automatic vehicle control in emergency situations”, In: Motor Car Engineering, J. of Associazione Tecnica dell? Automobile (ATA), Vol. 52, N. 3, March 1999, p. 73-76
  • Papaioannou, G., Naniopoulos, A., Bekiaris, E., Spaepen, A., “A methodological approach towards the design of a highly innovative wheelchair with enhanced safety, manoeuvrability and comfort”, Technology and Health Care, Official Journal of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine, Vol. 7, No.1, p.39-51, 1999
  • Brookhuis, K., de Waard, D., Peters, B. and Bekiaris, E., “SAVE – System for detection of driver impairment and emergency handling”. IATSS RESEARCH, Journal of International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, 22 (2), 1998, p. 37-42.
  • Bekiaris, E. Portouli, Ε.,: “Entwurf einer intelligenten Benutzungsoberflδche für Anlagenüberwachungssoftware in Verbindung mit CAD/CAM-System”, GI Ergonomie und Informatik, Mitteilungen des Fachausschusses 2.3 ‘Ergonomie in der Informatik’, 30, April 1997, pp. 5-9. (ISSN 0940-1210)

Publications at ICTCT workshops

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