"Don't wait for accidents to happen"



Born 1942 in France


  • 1965 In-depth Studies Diploma (french D E A) Mathematics and Statistics, University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.
  • 1976 Diploma of Psychology, University René Descartes in Paris.
  • 1983 Thesis in Human Sciences on the subject “Offences and road accidents: a study of stated drivers usual behaviour in most frequent driving situations” University René Descartes in Paris.

Professional activities

  • 1965-68 Teacher in Statistics and Mathematics at the “Faculté de Droit et de Sciences Économiques” of Paris and at the School of “Haute Etudes Commerciales” of Jouy-en-Josas.
  • 1968-72 Researcher in charge of statistical studies at the Institute of Research in Transportation (IRT)
  • 1972-85 Researcher at the National Agency for Traffic Safety (ONSER)
  • Since 1986 Director of Researcher at the National Institute on Transportation and safety (INRETS)
  • ICADTS member, ETSC expert


  • epidemiology of alcohol and traffic safety and effects of preventive measures
  • analysis of relations between traffic and mobility, behaviour or offences and road risk
  • evaluation of law enforcement and prevention: development of assessment tools
  • speeds and headway’s in the traffic system


  • BIECHELER M.B., HOYAU P.A., JAYET M.C. 1996, A methodology for the assessment of regulatory action: the example of alcohol and speed. Proceedings of the conference Road safety in Europe, Birmingham, 9-11 September 1996
  • BIECHELER M.B., CAUZARD J.P. 1996, Road Risk Production: A Social Analysis through Mobility, Attitude, Reported Behaviour and Accident data. Journal of International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, 1996, Volume 20 Nr. 2
  • BIECHELER M.B., FONTAINE H. 1996, Social and Individual Factors, Drinking-Driving Behaviour and Risk, Alcohol, Drugs and Driving, Volume 10, Nr. 1, PP 79-86
  • BIECHELER M.B., CAUZARD J.P. 1995, Drinking and Driving in Europe. WHO European conference on Health, Society and alcohol. Paris 12-14 December 1995
  • Participation to a series of collective ETSC Publications on Driver Behaviour

Publications at ICTCT workshops

2000. Corfu
Speed behaviour in France : Distribution structures and changes over the period 1986-1998 Click to download file! BIECHELER-FRETEL, Marie-Berte; PEYTAVIN, Jean-Francois
1997. Lund
Headways, collisions and traffic: some results on French motorways and towards new questions. ARON, Maurice; BIECHELER-FRETEL, Marie-Berte; HAKKERT, Alfred Shalom; PEYTAVIN, Jean-Francois
1990. Krakow
The use of intermediate variables to predict traffic offenses and accidents Click to download file! BIECHELER-FRETEL, Marie-Berte


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