"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

GLEDEC, Mladen


Born 1951 in Zagreb, Croatia


  • 1974 B.Sc. Traffic engineer, Traffic Study, Zagreb
  • 1977 M.Sc. Informational Sciences, University of Zagreb (Application of Computer in searching for potential aircraft conflicts)
  • 1991 Ph.D. (Analysis of driver-vehicle system behaviour concerning speed limits), University of Belgrade

Professional activities

  • 1974-1987 Institute of Transport Sciences, Zagreb: Research assistant and research associate, analysis, studies, projects in fields: traffic engineering and control, traffic safety
  • since 1987 INA Trgovina, Zagreb: Manager in Service for operational management of transport (data processing and communications)


  • system analysis
  • automation, programming
  • road traffic safety
  • accidents expertise’s
  • plans (wishes): expert systems


  • GLEDEC M. 1986, Application of traffic conflict technique and driver performance measures in analysis of hazardous crossroads, In: Proceedings of the workshop “Traffic Conflicts and Other Intermediate Measures in Safety Evaluation”, KTI, Budapest
  • About 50 published papers, 4 books, computer programs, permanent collaboration in “Auto-klub” magazine with road traffic safety topics.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 2005. Helsinki
Traffic accidents on Croatian motorways Click to download file! Pres BARIC, M.; GLEDEC, Mladen; ZELIC, D.
2003. Amersfoort/Soesterberg
The young drivers and heavy accidents GLEDEC, Mladen
1997. Lund
Rear-end collisions and close following. GLEDEC, Mladen
1996. Zagreb
Behavior of the drivers at the semaphored crossroads with and without blinking green light before it turns into the amber Click to download file! GLEDEC, Mladen
1995. Paris
The ‘speed’ activity in the first national road safety program in croatia Click to download file! GLEDEC, Mladen
1994. Prague
Pedestrian safety in the first national safety programme in croatia Click to download file! GLEDEC, Mladen
1990. Krakow
Organization and updating of databases Click to download file! GLEDEC, Mladen
October 30 – 31. 2008. Riga
Traffic calming zones – bicycle tracks YES or NO? Click to download file! Pres GLEDEC, Mladen


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