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  • 09/04. Visiting Researcher at the Traffic Technique Dept. of Lund University (Sweden)
  • 09/03. “Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering”, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
  • 12/00. Visiting Research Engineer at the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI).
  • 8/97 – 5/99. “Masters in Transportation Safety”, George Washington University (GWU) @ Washington, DC. Fulbright Fellow 97/99. Average GPA: 4.0.
  • 10/87 – 09/91, 10/92 – 12/93. BS in Mechanical Engineering. Ranked top 95%. University of Zaragoza, Spain. Several grants awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • 10/91 – 07/92. Coursework at the Milan Polytechnic toward the BS degree, Italy. Sponsored by the European Union (Erasmus Student Exchange Program).

Other graduate-level degrees: “Aviation Safety and Security Certificate Program”, The George Washington University (Washington, USA); “Road Mobility Planning and Management Certificate Program”, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluńa y Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), “Principles and Practice of Injury Prevention Summer Institute Certificate”, The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).

Professional activities

  • 9/03 -. Head of Crash Research & Vehicle Safety, FITSA Foundation.
  • 9/99 – 9/03. Head of Traffic Safety Dept., the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE).
  • 3/98 – 8/99. Research Assistant. FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center @ GWU. Project Manager: Development of a Detailed FEM Model of Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • 9/94 – 8/97. Traffic Accident Investigator at the Research Institute for Automobile Repairs, Zaragoza (Spain). Accomplishments: design, implementation and lecturing of the first course on “Advanced Topics in Crash Investigation” ever offered in Spain, technical reports and court depositions, braking and handling vehicle test programs.
  • 9/95 – 7/97. Vehicle Safety Journalist. for the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón (HdA), Zaragoza (Spain). Weekly articles on road safety.
  • 6/93 – 7/94. Scientific Journalist. HdA Newspaper, Zaragoza (Spain). The team of journalists was awarded with the Regional College of Mechanical Engineer’s Price 1994.


  • 6/04 -. Member of the European Commission’s Group of Experts on Transport Accidents. President of the Sub-Group on Road Transport.
  • 12/03 -. Member of the “Traffic Safety Policy Evaluation” Working Group of the European Transport Safety Council.

Main areas of interest

  • Child safety
  • Crash data collection
  • Global burden of crashes, with especial focus on traffic safety in developing and transitional countries
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Automobile and environment
  • International and inter-regional cooperation.


  • Royal Spanish Automobile Club (RACE) Journalism Award 1996
  • Royal Catalonian Automobile Club (RACC) Journalism Award 1996
  • Spanish Road Association Journalism 2nd Prize 2001 and 2003

Recent publications

  • SCENARIOS ON MOBILITY AND SAFETY IN THE ENLARGED EUROPE. Forecast study conducted by the Fondazione Caracciolo according to the Delphi Method. J. Monclus et al. Oct. 2004.
  • A PROPOSAL FOR AN IN-DEPTH CRASH INVESTIGATION PROGRAMME IN SPAIN. J. Monclus. Expert Symposium on Accident Research (ESAR). Hannover (Germany), Sept. 2004.
  • SPANISH CRS USE AND EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY RESULTS. Jesus Monclus-Gonzalez, Royal Automobile Club of Spain. 18th ESV International Technical Conference. Paper No 122. Nagoya (Japan), 2003.
  • AN INVESTIGATION OF SIDE IMPACT TEST METHODOLOGIES FOR CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS USING FINITE ELEMENT SIMULATIONS. Jesus Monclus-Gonzalez, Royal Automobile Club of Spain. Dhafer Marzougui, George Bahouth & Azim Eskandarian, FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center. 18th ESV International Technical Conference. Paper No 121. Nagoya (Japan), 2003.
  • A CONFLICT-AVOIDING, ARTIFICIAL VISION BASED, INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROLLER. Cristina Conde, Jorge Pérez, Pedro González, Jesús Silva & Enrique Cabello, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – ESCET. Jesús Monclús & Tomás Santa Cecilia, Royal Automobile Club of Spain. 2003 ITS World Congress. Madrid (Spain), 2003
  • EuroRAP: VALORANDO LA SEGURIDAD DE LAS CARRETERAS EUROPEAS. Jesús Monclús, Real Automóvil Club de Espańa – RACE. Steve Lawson, Automobile Association -AA (Gran Bretańa). Sam Schouten, Real Automóvil Club Holandés – ANWB. Paper Presented at the Spanish Road Conference. Pamplona (Spain), 2002.
  • LA SEGURIDAD DE LAS CARRETERAS VISTA POR SUS USUARIOS. Jesús Monclús & Fernando Santamaría, Real Automóvil Club de Espańa – RACE. Paper Presented at the Spanish Road Conference. Oviedo (Spain), 2001.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF DETAILED FINITE ELEMENT MODELS OF CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS FOR OCCUPANT PROTECTION. Jesus Monclus-Gonzalez & Azim Eskandarian, FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center. Osamu Takatori & Junya Morimoto, Japan Automobile Research Institute. 17th ESV International Technical Conference. Paper No 01-S9-O-126. Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2001.
  • Versatility and Limitations of a Fully Detailed Finite Element Model of a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan for Crashworthiness Applications. Jesus Monclus-Gonzalez, Cing-Dao Kan and Nabih E. Bedewi, FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center. The George Washington University. SAE World Congress Paper No 2000-01-0629. Detroit (USA), 2000.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 25 – 26. 2007. Valencia
How expensive are traffic casualties and Spain and why they are much cheaper than in other countries (lessons for other developing countries) Click to see abstract! ABSTR MONCLÚS, Jesús


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