"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

ROTTER, Tadeusz


Born 1941 in Krakow, Poland


  • 1961 beginning of the study of Psychology in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • 1974 Ph.D. degree („The Psychological aspects of night work”)
  • 1983 Habilitation with the work: „Time as the determinant of Human Activity”
  • 1984 associate professor at the Institute of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University

Professional activities

  • senior lecturer since 1974
  • Assistant in Department of Industrial Psychology of Institute of Psychology of Jagiellonian University
  • First research work tied with extreme conditions of a human work
  • After this research work in the field of transport psychology in the following enterprises:
    1. Institute of Motor Transport/Dept. of Transport Psychology/in Warsaw
    2. Institute of Medicine of Military Aviation in Warsaw
    3. South District of Polish State Railway – Rescue Train
    4. Traffic Police in Krakow – Emergency Squadron for Traffic Accidents
  • Several visits in foreign laboratories working on Transport Psychology/e.g. in Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute/VTI/in Linköping, Moscow Road and Automobile Institute/MADI/and Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit in Vienna
  • 1990 organisation of the first Laboratory of Transport Psychology on the Polish high schools


  • member of Committee of Psychology of Polish Academy of Sciences
  • member of Polish Ergonomics Society
  • member of the British Psychological Society


  • ROTTER T. 1986, Contribution to the Proceedings of the Workshop „Traffic Conflicts and Other Intermediate measures in Safety evaluation”, KTI, Budapest
  • ROTTER T. The analysis of driver’ escapes from an accident place as a source of information about traffic safety

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1997. Lund
Psychological aspects of accidents in area of road-railway grade crossings. ROTTER, Tadeusz
1994. Prague
The accident impendency in the municipal public transport services in cracow Click to download file! ROTTER, Tadeusz; WONTORCZYK, Antoni
1991. Vienna
Risk perception in drivers with different driving licences Click to download file! ROTTER, Tadeusz; WONTORCZYK, Antoni
1990. Krakow
A system of warning for the danger of traffic accident Click to download file! ROTTER, Tadeusz


Jagiellonian University
Assoc. Prof. of Psychology
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