"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

TRACZ, Marian


Born in Poland


  • Graduation from Cracow University of Technology with an honours degree in civil engineering
  • 1974 Ph.D. on the basis of thesis: „Research on traffic behaviour in signalised urban arterials” Second doctor (dr.hab.) in 1980 on thesis: „Evaluation of at-grade intersection efficiency by computer simulation” at Cracow University of Technology
  • 1987 professor title on the basis of the research contribution in the field of traffic engineering

Professional activities

  • Several years in Municipal Traffic Engineering Office in Cracow gaining practical experience in traffic and highway engineering
  • Research experience by training and fellowships in Sweden, England, The Netherlands, Italy and Germany
  • since 1974 teaching mainly in the field of highway and traffic engineering
  • since 1980 head of the Institute of Roads, Railways and Bridges, Cracow University of Technology
  • Recently supervision of a group of fundamental research projects in the area of traffic operations and control


  • Transport Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • International Advisory Committee for symposia on Transportation and Traffic Theory
  • Unsignalised Intersections Subcommittee of American TRB
  • Other scientific and professional associations


  • intersection design and efficiency evaluation
  • traffic modelling and applications of simulation in traffic studies
  • environmental effects of road traffic including traffic safety and traffic noise evaluation


  • Author or co-author of almost 80 articles and conference papers and 8 books and guidelines

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1997. Lund
Characteristics of some accident circumstances on road blackspot sections. NOWAKOWSKA, Marzena; TRACZ, Marian
1990. Krakow
Intersection safety research in Cracow university of technology Click to download file! GACA, Stanislaw; TARKO, Andrzej; TRACZ, Marian


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