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Mission statement

International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic safety—ICTCT—is an international association aiming since 1988 at building up and sharing scientific knowledge on road safety, with a particular interest for methods that do not only rely on crash data but also on non-crash events. It does so by organizing conferences, courses and opportunities for knowledge transfer, all directed to a worldwide professional audience. ICTCT approaches safety as an integral part of the wider road traffic system, envisaging all transport modes with a specific emphasis on vulnerable road users.

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What makes ICTCT different?

ICTCT has a clear focus on pro-active approach to traffic safety, meaning that accidents should be prevented, not ‘collected’. It has also very inter-disciplinary view, welcoming researchers from different fields—transportation, mobility management, sustainability, engineering, psychology, public health, political sciences—to work together addressing the issues of safety.

An important aspect is the informal atmosphere within the ICTCT. With the moderate size of the association, it is still possible to know everyone and develop not only professional, but also personal relations. Many projects and long-term co-operations stemmed from informal talks during coffee-breaks or other side-activities taking place at each of the conferences.

While the senior cohort of ICTCT-members are well-known and respected researchers and experts, it is easy to approach them asking for opinion or advice. In fact, early career researchers are encouraged to make their work-in-progress-presentations at ICTCT as they receive supportive, friendly yet still objective and contributing feedback. On the other hand, more mature pieces of work can always be further submitted to special issues organised regularly in co-operation with well-renowned journals.

Even between the conferences, the ICTCT network is very responsive. You can send an announcement, requesting for help, advice or just specific information and the responds usually come within hours.