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General Assembly

The General Assembly of ICTCT members holds the final decision-making power. General Assembly is called for at least once per year and usually is hold in connection to an ICTCT conference. The tasks dealed with by the General Assembly include:

  • Decision on the budget and acceptance of the financial accounting;
  • Election of the Steering Committee members as well as the auditors;
  • Decisions on membership;
  • Modification of the ICTCT Statutes;
  • Decision on dissolution of the association.

An invitation to the General Assembly must be send to all ICTCT members at least one month before the meeting.

The next General Assembly meeting will be hold on 26th October 2019 (starting at 9:00 AM) in connection to the 32nd ICTCT conference. The venue is Al. Armii Ludowej 16, Warsaw, room 627a (6th floor—map).

The agenda can be found here.