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Theoretical aspects and examples for practical use of traffic conflicts and of other interactional safety criteria in several industrial and eveloping countries

November 1989

Munich, Germany


  • Proceedings

A framework for a social-psychological background theory to the use of interactional criteria in safety work

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Ralf Risser

Road safety management using behavioural pre-accident criteria

  • Full text

Jeff Mortelmans

Time-to-Collision as a measure of critical behaviour in traffic

  • Full text

Richard van der Horst

Occurence of evasive manouvres prior to accidents, data from North Carolina accidents

  • Full text

Per Gårder

Conflict/accident analysis of an unsafe intersection

  • Full text

Gerald R. Brown

Implementtion of behavioural criteria within PROMETHEUS-work

  • Full text

Wolfgang Fastenmeier

Past and future use of TCT inthe Netherlands

  • Full text

Piet C. Noordzij

The link between traffic conflict technique and image processing

  • Full text

Sverker Almqvist

Further development of human observation of interaction process in traffic out of observed persons’ cars

  • Full text

Christine Chaloupka

Systematic behavioural observation: the SBOT experimented in the Philippines

  • Full text

Nicole Nuhlrad

Reconstruction of a main road passing through a small town—effect evaluation

  • Full text

Risto Kulmala

Comparison of accident and traffic conflict types at different sites in Hungary

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Judit Sztraka