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What are the main reasons for risk in road traffic from a road-user behaviour and interaction perspective? What should be done?

November 1991

Vienna, Austria


Some personal thoughts about risk and safety in traffic

Magda Drascóczy

Recognition of driving situations and road legibility

Dominique Fleury

Driving tasks and new information technologies

Wolfgang Fastenmeier
Herbert Gstalter

Reasons for risk

Ralf Risser

Safety impacts of in-car navigation systems

Wolfgang Fastenmeier
Herbert Gstalter

Risk in the Hungarian road network (the violators are victims, too)

Judith K. Sztraka

In-depth analysis of interactions between drivers and the road environment contribution of on-board observations and subsequent verbal reports

Farida Saad

Malfunction of communication and bad traffic climate – a source of social conflicts leading to traffic conflicts

Christine Chaloupka

Risk perception in drivers with different driving licences

Tadeusz Rotter
Antoni Wontorczyk

Subjective safety as a basis for the user behaviour in road traffic and public transport

Heiner Erke

Analysis of pedestrian-cyclists-interactions experiences with an investigation in Vienna

Lilo (Lieselotte) Schmidt

Examples for application of traffic conflict technique for analysis of black spots

Wolf Dietrich Zuzan

Bicyclists safety at junctions

Leif Beilinson
Risto Kulmala

Effects of road characteristics on speed

Richard van der Horst
Erik Tenkink

Accidents in developing countries: requirements for identifying problem and solving them

Nicole Muhlrad

Accident information system in an Indian city: case study Delhi

Thomas Rajesh

Evaluating the risk of skidding from conflict studies

Hoong-Chor Chin