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Cycling and planning for cyclists

26–27 April 2016

Beijing, China

Local organizer: Jiang Bi Hu

The conference was held in close co-operation with the Beijing University of Technology.



Chinese cycling development

Jiang Bi Hu

Special session—IMPACT

Overview of the project IMPACT

Daniel Vankov

Public awareness raising campaign in China

Fannie Wang

Evaluation of the campaigns

Clemens Kaufmann

Promoting cycling

Social Marketing to Promote Cycling

Ralf Risser

Bicycle Traffic in the Czech Republic: the Ways of Influencing the Behaviour of People Involved in It

Matus Sucha

Encouraging cycling in medium-sized cities in Germany – The Karlsruhe Example

Christoph Hupfer

Bicycles as key-elements in developing mobility service providers in Germany

Fabienne Kuerner


Young drivers and effects from graduated driving license

Niels Agerholm

Cycling speed and trip length as factors influencing helmet use

Katja Schleinitz

Communication of bicyclists with car drivers and safety critical events

Christine Chaloupka-Risser


Analysis on the technical content of bicycle lane system

Jiechao Chen

Cycling and designing for cyclists in Germany: An Overview of Road safety, Research and Guidelines

Benjamin Schreck

Applied Research on Self-light Emitting Technology in Slow Traffic

Ting Yu