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Doctoral thesis defence

ICTCT honorary member and dear friend, Rob Methorst defends his PhD degree.

When and where

Date: 3rd February 2021
Start time: 12:30
Where: Technical University Delft

Online access: Zoom (link activated at 11:55)

Thesis text: here

About the research

Exploring the pedestrians realm—an overview of insights needed for developing a generative systems approach to walkability

In the 1990s, two system approaches to road safety were introduced: Sustainable Safety (the Netherlands) and Vision Zero (Sweden. In the same tradition we redefined the pedestrians domain in the COST 358 Pedestrians' Quality Needs Project and the OECD/ITF project Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health. In the context of my thesis on pedestrian policy making I decided to advance the outcomes of those two terrific projects, presented in 2010. It took another ten years to deliver such a book. It took so long because of the sheer complexity, but also because my personal situation became dominated by seven years of ill health and ultimately the demise of my dear wife Thea in January 2020. After some months I re-found the courage and energy to work on the thesis. The dissertation comprises more than 800 pages in English. This date has special meaning, as it is Thea's birthday.

The dissertation concerns pedestrians, walking and sojourning in public space, and what is needed to better support (potential) pedestrians. Walking as an essential form of mobility. In policy however it is largely neglected. The dissertation explores how the system is put together and works for pedestrians. It also explores what authorities can do to improve conditions for pedestrians, walking and sojourning in public space. It sketches how effective and fair approaches can be established. A number of hurdles need to be overcome.
Rob Methorst
ICTCT Honorary member

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