Surrogate Measures of Safety

Workshop 'Cognitive vision in traffic analyses'

23 May 2006

Lund (Sweden)


Automated video analysis as a tool for studying road-user behaviour: a successful cooperation

Aliaksei Laureshyn
Håkan Ardö

Lund University (Sweden)

Indicator extraction for the analysis of road behaviour using video analysis

Richard van der Horst
Jurgen den Hartog
Jan Baan
TNO (the Netherlands)

Supporting city planning and traffic monitoring with digital image sequences

Matthieu Molinier
Heikki Ahola
VTT (Finland)

Pedestrian walking models

Michel Bierlaire
Swiss Institute of Technology (Switzerland)

Multi-target tracking—linking the identities of mulitple interacting targets

Josephine Sullivan
KTH (Sweden)

Computer Vision technologies and Traffic safety

Enrique Cabello Pardos
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)

Goals and status within the IVSS project

Björn Johansson
Johan Wiklund
Linköping University (Sweden)

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