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Surrogate Measures of Safety: Workshops

Surrogate Measures of Safety for Heterogeneous Traffic: Automation, Cyclists, and Pedestrians

12 January 2020

Washington DC (USA)
Convention Centre, room 102A

Chairs: Nicolas Saunier, Aliaksei Laureshyn

The workshop is organized in close co-operation with the TRB sub-committee on Surrogate Measures of Safety ANB20(3), sponsored by the TRB Standing Committee on Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation as well as the TRB Standing Committee on Pedestrians.

SMoS validation re-visited: serious hinders for ‘classical’ validations and ‘relative’ validation as a way out

Aliaksei Laureshyn
Lund University (Sweden)

Extreme value theory approaches for traffic conflict based crash estimation: modelling advancements and applications

  • Presentation

Tarek Sayed
University of British Columbia (Canada)

Probabilistic approach to motion prediction in detection of evasive actions

Carl Johnsson
Lund University (Sweden)

Video analytics for smart cities: generating better data to make our intersections smarter and safer

Franz Loewenherz
City of Bellevue (USA)

Signalized intersection to roundabout conversion in heterogeneous traffic context: estimation of safety benefits using surrogate measures

Anurag Pande
California Polytechnic State University (USA)

Let’s not wait for micro-mobility crashes

Annie Chang
McGill University (Canada)

Automated Shuttle Interactions in City Traffic

Étienne Beauchamp
Polytechnique Montréal (Canada)