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Traffic safety and the city—how to enhance traffic safety and liveability in urban areas?

24–25th October 2019

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Local organizer: Matus Sucha

The conference was held in close co-operation with the Palacký University in Olomouc.



Making cities walkable

Anne Faure

Controlling walkability policy making

Rob Methorst

Case studies

State of the Art of Urban Mobility in the Czech Republic

Jindřich Frič

Assessment of Traffic Safety Culture: a Case Study of selected European countries

Anton Pashkevich


Modelling of accident frequency at unsignalized pedestrian crossings in Warsaw

Piotr Olszewski

Modelling public bus transport accident and casualty severity in Ghana

Enoch Sam

Safety evaluation at level crossings with the help of an automatised measurement technique

Clemens Kaufmann


Inclement weather and road casualty in urban areas

Ruth Bergel-Hayat

The weather and the city: road safety perspective

Sara Ferreira


How parental road safety concerns are barriers to their children’s walking to schools? Evidence from Iran and China

Mohsen Fallah Zavareh

Drivers attitudes to speed limit compliance in Fleet and Private Vehicles: Developing an effective speed limit compliance Intervention

Anderson Etika

Surrogate data and conflicts

Validation of surrogate safety indicators with a focus on vulnerable road users

Carl Johnsson
Aliaksei Laureshyn

An Approach for the Estimation of Error Rates in Observing Critical Situations

Hagen Saul

Public session

An Approach for the Estimation of Error Rates in Observing Critical Situations

Matus Sucha et al.


Naturalistic cycling data as a base for awareness raising

Lukas Hartwig

Is Safety-In-Numbers for fatal bicycle crashes confounded by the general level of road safety?

Paul Schepers

Level-of-service concept for cyclists and its relation to safety

Khashayar Kazemzadeh

Cycling through intersections: Patterns affecting safety

Mandy Dotzauer

Field observations of young e-cyclists in Israeli cities: a characterization of typical behaviours and risk factors

Victoria Gitelman

Youngsters’ opinions and attitudes toward the use of electric bicycles in Israel

Wafa Elias


Red light walking, transportation time and attitudes in crossing with intelligent green light for pedestrians

Niels Agerholm

Communication between road users and automated vehicles

Ralf Risser


How can speed enforcement be made more effective

Aswin Siregar

Collecting and disseminating evidence on prioritising road safety measures in the EU SafetyCube project

Stijn Daniels

“Maybe I will just send a Quick Text…” – Two Studies to Reduce and Explain Drivers’ Distractions

Ole Jørgen Johansson

Are traffic safety decisions based on evidence?

Jiri Ambros

Dementia and Mobility – Issues, Needs and Solutions

Daniel Bell


The perception of reliability of urban public transport in different communities

Miguel Loyola

Good Cities

Jaroslav Martinek

Safety and security and transportation infrastructure

Karel Schmeidler

Classification and modelling of pedestrian-vehicle interactions at unsignalised pedestrian crossings

Paweł Dąbkowski