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Improving the safety of vulnerable road users—challenges and opportunities

8–9 March 2018

Vancouver, Canada

Local organizers: Tarek Sayed, Alex Bigazzi and Paul de Leur

The workshop was organised in close co-operation with the Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia.


Methods and simulation

Can micro-simulation help in getting better exposure measures?

Carmelo D’Agostino

Is it ‘safe’ to use bike and walk scores as indicators of bikeability and walkability?

Ahmed Osama Amer

Validation of an agent-based microscopic pedestrian simulation model at the pedestrian walkway of Brooklyn Bridge

Mohamed Hussein

Crowdsourcing data-driven development of bicycle safety performance functions (SPFs)—microscopic and macroscopic scales

Haizhong Wang

Cycling volume estimation methods for safety analysis

Mohamed El Esawey


Distinct effects of traffic on cycling behaviour: Considerations of safety and air quality in route decisions

Alexander Bigazzi

Behavioral and Safety Analysis of Pedestrian-Bike Shared Space of Robson Street in Vancouver

Mohamed Essa


Influence of different crash characteristics on level of injury among cyclists

Kira Hyldekær Janstrup

How bicycle level of traffic stress correlate with reported cyclist accidents injury severities: A geospatial and mixed logit analysis

Haizhong Wang

Surrogate measures of safety

A comparison of different surrogate safety measures for traffic conflicts involving vulnerable road users

Wouter van Haperen

Surrogate safety evaluation framework

Carl Johnsson

Conflicts and Collisions between Pedestrians and Cyclists: Case Study of the University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus

Filippos Gkekas


Complete Traffic Signal Timing

Alix Rosti


Ralf Risser

Improving mobility preconditions for persons with dementia – KOMPETENZ

Christine Chaloupka-Risser

Influence of the cognitive workload on bicycle safety at four-legged intersections

Irma Kveladze

Results from a Simulator-Based Analysis of Right-Hook Bicycle Crashes at Signalized Intersections

Christopher Monsere

Video analysis

Working in traffic: video-based observation of the risk of collision for pedestrian workers?

Sylvanie Godillon

Safety evaluation at level crossings with the help of an automated measurement technique

Christine Chaloupka-Risser

Effect of Cyclist Buffered Lane on Motor Vehicle and Cyclist Behaviour

Karim Ismail


Traffic competences of children – do they need special infrastructure to be safe in traffic?

Bettina Schützhofer

Countermeasures for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safe Journeys to School

Raheem Dilgir

Safety and policy

Diverse Stakeholder Perspectives on the Safety Impacts and Appropriate Regulation of Electric Bicycles

Saki Aono

Car use: motives and habits

Matus Sucha

Economic evaluation of road safety measures in the EU SafetyCube project

Stijn Daniels

Justifying road safety investments for locations without collisions by quantifying road safety risk

Paul de Leur