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5-6 November 1998

Budapest, Hungary

Local organizer: Magda Draskóczy


Human factors and road design

Raised traffic islands at city limits – their effect on speed

Wolfgang J. Berger
Martin Linauer

A new approach to traffic planning and street design in Sweden

Per Wramborg

Self-explaining roads

Richard van der Horst
Nico Kaptein

Accident collection and safety assessment

A method for analysing the traffic process in a safety perspective

Åse Svensson

Pedestrian conflict models for four-arm priority road junctions

Estomihi N. Masaoe

A study of 30 km/h zone-design in Stockholm

Thomas Jonsson

Safety aspects of new technology

The use of a satellite navigation system (GPS) to register locations of traffic accidents

Peter Maurer

The potential of ITS to improve safety on rural roads

Risto Kulmala

Results of ‘External vehicle speed control’

Oliver M. J. Carsten

Evaluation of a combined accelerator-brake pedal

Rickard Nilsson

Reasons for speeding and need for technical support

Lars Åberg

How will new technology modify the driving task

Magda Draskóczy

Sustainably safe solutions in the Netherlands

Joop H. Kraay

‘Safety first’—research & development programme for safe mobility

David Zaidel

Acceptability of speeds and speed limits to drivers and pedestrians

Ursula Lehner

Walcyng—walking & cycling instead of short car trips

Christer Hydén

Method of traffic safety level evaluation in big cities

Milan Vujanic

Sustainability, transport and well-being. New strategies enhancing walking and cycling

Lilo Schmidt