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Vision zero for traffic fatalities and serious injuries—research questions and challenges

photo: Politechnika Warszawska
24–25 October 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Local organiser(s): Piotr Olszewski
The conference was held in close co-operation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.

Special issue

A selection of the conference papers is now being processed for the special ICTCT-2019 issue of the journal Transactions on Transport Sciences (ISSN 1802-9876).

Transactions on Transport Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal which focuses on the field of behavioural and social sciences in mobility, traffic safety, and sustainable transport. The journal raises the holistic and interdisciplinary approach to transport research. It is indexed in Scopus (since 02/2019 issue), ERIH PLUS, EBSCO and ProQuest.

Social media

The conference used hashtags #ictct and #ictct2019warsaw for the posts in social media.

Photo gallery



Vision Zero

Lars Ekman

Failure-caused Traffic Conflicts – Theory, Applications and Validation

Andrew Tarko

Attitudes & behaviour (drowsiness)

Testing the convergent- and predictive validity of a belief-based scale for attitude towards personal safety on public bus/minibus for long-distance trips in Ghana: A SEM analysis

Enoch F. Sam

How long it takes to the first drowsiness state: an exploratory analysis

Sónia Soares
António Lobo

The estimation of drowsiness under different conditions based on behaviour observations from a simulator study

Clemens Kaufmann

Driver inattention: differences between professional and non-professional drivers

António Couto

The problem of sharing road space by conventional and autonomous vehicles – safety aspects

Ireneusz Celiński

Comfort and safety challenges of automated driving: literature review

António Lobo

Benchmarking adverse weather effects on road casualty in 7 urban areas of Poland

Ruth Bergel-Hayat

Identification of conditions and definition of strategic goals of national and regional road safety programs in Poland for the
coming decade

Kazimierz Jamroz

Vulnerable road users

Media coverage of bicycle accidents in the Netherlands

Paul Schepers

Risk assessment of pedestrian and cyclist falls in snowy and icy conditions

Martin Bärwolff

Pedestrians’ route choice during winter conditions

Magne Fossum

Identification of factors affecting cyclist fatalities using association analysis

Paweł Włodarek

Analysis of drivers’ eye movements ahead of pedestrian crossings: the case study of Olomouc

Anton Pashkevich

Methods and results of road safety inspection of a high number of unsignalised pedestrian crossings

Tomasz Mackun

Pedestrians’ emotions in traffic interactions: expectations towards automated vehicles

Anja Katharina Huemer

Vehicle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on roundabouts in terms of road traffic safety – case study from Upper Silesian and
Masovian Voivodeships

Elżbieta Macioszek

Detecting atypical motion behaviour of pedestrians for early awareness of potential safety-critical situations

Hagen Saul

Understanding pedestrian-vehicle encounters at unsignalised pedestrian crossings

Paweł Dąbkowski


Exploring speeds of young e-cyclists in urban areas; an observational study from Israel

Wafa Elias

Speed perception by drivers as dependent on urban street design

Victoria Gitelman

How fast would you (or should you) drive here?

Jiri Ambros

Special session: Surrogate Measures of Safety

How humans perceive the severity of traffic events?

Oksana Yastremska

Detecting evasive action from trajectory data

Carl Johnsson
Aliaksei Laureshyn

Investigating a proactive approach for bicyclists safety by using GPS data

Sylwia Pogodzinska

Safety of roundabouts with mixed traffic: a video analysis of cyclist behaviour

Giulia Pulvirenti

Probability based severity of conflicts using bivariate Extreme Value models

Attila Borsos

Effects of countdown timers on traffic safety at signalized intersection

Marcin Kłos

On-board data collection and road safety diagnosis

Claire Naude

Cycling safety assessment based on user opinion and traffic conflict data

Giuseppina Pappalardo

A Novel Deceleration Based Surrogate Safety Indicator Considering Reaction Time and Constant Initial Acceleration

Eszter Kalló

A real-time multi-sensor trajectory estimation for adaptive nudging of individual drivers

Adrian Fazekas

The use of aeromobile platforms to evaluate selected interactions between road users

Artur Ryś


The simulation of potential crashes as a new safety performance conflict-based indicator

Vincenzo Pasquale Giofrè

Visualizing Crash Data Patterns

Peter Wagner

Bad behaviour or bad luck? Factors contributing to severe crashes

Stijn Daniels

Identification of traffic crash hotspots when limited number of data is available

Michal Bíl

Safe roadside as an indispensable element of Vision Zero’s on Polish roads

Marcin Budzynski

Driving errors at roundabout: a CHAID Analysis

Natalia Distefano

The Effects of Driving Lesson for Elderly Drivers – from the Viewpoint of Compensation Driving

Yasuhiro Mimura


Large-scale study on speed-calming effect from speed hump

Niels Agerholm

Can an automatic alarm sound at railway level crossings reduce trespassing? A pilot study

Tim De Ceunynck

Active signage at pedestrian crossings as a tool for improving safety

Piotr Szagała

The analysis of traffic safety at tram stops

Piotr Soczówka

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