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How to assess traffic safety?—Adapting methods to future challenges

17–19 November 2010

Hague, Netherlands

Local organizer: Rob Methorst


Are sustainable neighbourhoods ‘walkable’ neighbourhoods?

Anna Faure

The design of the walking environment

Chiara Tonelli

Key findings of recent NZ research on walkable environments

Tim Hughes

Punte Walkability Surveys in Asian Cities

Sophie Sabine

Preparedness to walk

Ralf Risser

Walking as a pillar in the sustainable human mobility planning

Ole Thorson

Streets of Clay: Transforming Transport Links into Active Places <href=”ictct_document_nr_665_103a of=”” clay.pdf”=”” streets=”” kott=”” joseph=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_665_103a> Joseph Kott
Beyond Street Festivals: Creating Successful Temporary Pedestrian Spaces in the Midst of North American Car Culture – the Vancouver Experiment <href=”ictct_document_nr_666_103b festivals.pdf”=”” street=”” beyond=”” kassay=”” krisztina=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_666_103b> Krisztina Kassay
Converting On-Street Parking to Active Transportation in Toronto: Two Studies of Merchant and Patron Preferences <href=”ictct_document_nr_667_103c to=”” t.pdf”=”” active=”” parking=”” on-street=”” converting=”” smithlea=”” nancy=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_667_103c> Nancy Smith Lea
Engaging with Public Health: partnership to create a healthier region <href=”ictct_document_nr_668_104b health.pdf”=”” public=”” with=”” engaging=”” games=”” cynthia=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_668_104b> Cynthia M Games
Steps to Stride: Creating Action at the Grass Roots Level <href=”ictct_document_nr_669_104c to=”” stride.pdf”=”” steps=”” keam=”” heather=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_669_104c> Heather Keam
Safe, accessible pedestrian environments: The key to mobility in ageing populations <href=”ictct_document_nr_670_105a environments.pdf”=”” pedestrian=”” accessible=”” safe=”” frye=”” ann=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_670_105a> Ann Frye
Promoting Walking in Ageing Societies – the AENEAS project <href=”ictct_document_nr_671_105b walking=”” in=”” societies.pdf”=”” ageing=”” promoting=”” fiedler=”” matthias=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_671_105b> Matthias Fiedler
Urban security : preventing incivilities and crimes to encourage more walking in public areas in OECD countries <href=”ictct_document_nr_672_105c security.pdf”=”” urban=”” murard=”” frederic=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_672_105c> Frédéric Murard
Advocacy, Citizenry and the Olympics‐The transformation of walking in Vancouver <href=”ictct_document_nr_673_106a the=”” olympics.pdf”=”” and=”” citizenry=”” advocacy,=”” james=”” sandy=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_673_106a> Sandy James
The future of walking in Adelaide’s proposed Transit Oriented Developments <href=”ictct_document_nr_677_b106b adelaide_tod.pdf”=”” -=”” allen=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_677_b106b> Andrew Allan
Victoria Walks: a new model for creating walk-friendly neighbourhoods and cities <href=”ictct_document_nr_675_106c victoriawalks.pdf”=”” rossiter=”” ben=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_675_106c> Ben Rossiter
Walking in The Hague: Walking the inner‐city <href=”ictct_document_nr_676_201a walking=”” the=”” in=”” hague.pdf”=”” moerenhout=”” richard=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_676_201a> Richard Moerenhout
A Village For Walking Into The Future <href=”ictct_document_nr_678_201b walking=”” the=”” a=”” future.pdf”=”” into=”” for=”” village=”” nilsen=”” charles=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_678_201b> Charles Nilsen
Ex Ante-Ex Post Survey Elterleinplatz: Systematic evaluation of redesigning urban streets regarding pedestrian traffic <href=”ictct_document_nr_679_201c elterleinplatz.pdf”=”” stratil=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_679_201c> Gregor STRATIL-SAUER
Key Walking Routes: the path to walking success? <href=”ictct_document_nr_680_b202a walking=”” key=”” -=”” routes.pdf”=”” clark=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_680_b202a> Spencer Clark Using web-based crowdsourcing to improve the walkability of our streets Adam Davies
The use of an interactive urban planning tool in creating activity‐friendly neighborhoods; integrating the findings of the Spatial Planning And Children’s Exercise (SPACE) study <href=”ictct_document_nr_681_202c the=”” of=”” interactiv.pdf”=”” an=”” use=”” vries=”” de=”” sanne=”” or=”” engbers=”” luuk=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_681_202c> Luuk Engbers
Investing in Inverness- creating a more walkable and prosperous city centre <href=”ictct_document_nr_682_203a in=”” inverness.pdf”=”” investing=”” irving=”” keith=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_682_203a> Keith Irving
The importance of street Shade for downtown traditional retail business <href=”ictct_document_nr_683_203b the=”” of=”” street=”” de=”” shade.pdf”=”” importance=”” almeida=”” marques=”” dulce=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_683_203b> Dulce Marques de Almeida
The equilibrium between pedestrian fl ow and commercial use of public ground <href=”ictct_document_nr_684_203c of=”” pedestrian=”” and=”” use=”” .pdf”=”” commercial=”” flow=”” schweizer=”” thomas=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_684_203c> Thomas Schweizer
Active School Travel in Canada <href=”ictct_document_nr_685_204a in=”” active=”” canada.pdf”=”” travel=”” school=”” kennedy=”” jacky=”” 2=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_685_204a> Jacky Kennedy
Children’s Mobility, Health and Happiness <href=”ictct_document_nr_686_s mobility.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_686_s> Jacky Kennedy
Report on the Active and Safe Routes to School Pilot Project Between the Region of Halton and The Halton District School Board <href=”ictct_document_nr_687_204b the=”” on=”” t.pdf”=”” active=”” safe=”” and=”” routes=”” report=”” jenkins=”” jennifer=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_687_204b> Jennifer Jenkins
Step2Get: Use of incentivisation to influence behaviour change among London secondary school children for road safety, sustainability and health <href=”ictct_document_nr_688_204c .pdf”=”” london=”” among=”” behaviour=”” influence=”” step2get=”” bird=”” william=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_688_204c> William Bird
City on Foot – through metropolitan landscape <href=”ictct_document_nr_689_205a on=”” foot.pdf”=”” city=”” naber=”” joep=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_689_205a> J.M.L. Naber
How to get back a good walking infrastructure in the Dutch polders? <href=”ictct_document_nr_690_205b walking=”” to=”” a=”” infrastru.pdf”=”” good=”” back=”” get=”” how=”” benschop=”” harry=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_690_205b> Harry Benschop
STROLLING THROUGH THE NEIGHBOURHOOD AND CARING FOR THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE <href=”ictct_document_nr_691_205c the=”” and=”” cari.pdf”=”” neighbourhood=”” through=”” strolling=”” raap=”” edwin=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_691_205c> Raap, Edwin
Pedestrian Streets and Squares in Historic Towns and Cities: Design and Maintenance Issues in Europe <href=”ictct_document_nr_692_206a in=”” streets=”” pedestrian=”” and=”” to.pdf”=”” historic=”” squares=”” poole=”” ian=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_692_206a> Ian Poole
Easy Walking in the Urban Maze Christian M. Thomas
Connecting public and private paths for pedestrians in Toronto <href=”ictct_document_nr_693_206c public=”” and=”” for=”” p.pdf”=”” paths=”” private=”” connecting=”” furman=”” andrew=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_693_206c> Andrew Furman
Urban Space and Design for the Pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_694_301a the=”” urban=”” and=”” for=”” thomas=”” pedestrians.pdf”=”” desing=”” space=”” fessl=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_694_301a> Thomas Fessl
From the past for the future: visions and interventions <href=”ictct_document_nr_695_301b the=”” future.pdf”=”” for=”” past=”” from=”” martincigh=”” lucia=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_695_301b> <href=”person_nr_289.html”>MARTINCIGH, Lucia </href=”person_nr_289.html”>
Walking and urban planning <href=”ictct_document_nr_696_301c walking=”” urban=”” and=”” planning.pdf”=”” tira=”” maurizio=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_696_301c> Maurizio Tira
Identification of quality needs <href=”ictct_document_nr_698_302a of=”” needs.pdf”=”” quality=”” identification=”” methorst=”” rob=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_698_302a> <href=”person_nr_8.html”>METHORST, Rob </href=”person_nr_8.html”>
WALKING – THE WORRIES OF PEDESTRIANS <href=”ictct_document_nr_699_302b walking=”” the=”” of=”” -=”” pedestrians.pdf”=”” worries=”” kaufmann=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_699_302b> <href=”person_nr_28.html”>KAUFMANN, Clemens </href=”person_nr_28.html”>
Pedestrian Quality Audits and Inspections – More than a Part of the new EU-Directive on Road Safety Infrastructure Management <href=”ictct_document_nr_700_302c pedestrian=”” and=”” .pdf”=”” quality=”” inspection=”” audit=”” gerlach=”” jurgen=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_700_302c> Juergen Gerlach
Valuing Urban Realm: Successfully making the case for investment in walking <href=”ictct_document_nr_701_303a urban=”” realm.pdf”=”” valuing=”” wedderburn=”” martin=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_701_303a> Martin Wedderburn
Evaluating the Quality of the Pedestrian Environment in a Number of San Francisco Neighbourhoods <href=”ictct_document_nr_702_303b the=”” of=”” pedestrian=”” quality=”” envi.pdf”=”” evaluating=”” hrushowy=”” neil=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_702_303b> Neil Hrushowy
Contextualizing the Community Walkability Audit Tool <href=”ictct_document_nr_703_303c the=”” walkability=”” audi.pdf”=”” community=”” contextualizing=”” horowitz=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_703_303c> Elana Horowitz
Heart Foundation Walking: A guide to implementing safe, accessible and sustainable free walking groups across Australia through partnering with the community. <href=”ictct_document_nr_704_304a walking.pdf”=”” foundating=”” heart=”” wilson=”” michelle=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_704_304a> Michelle Wilson
Walking for Wellbeing in the Community: evaluating the transfer into practice of a research-led walking intervention. <href=”ictct_document_nr_705_304b walking=”” the=”” in=”” for=”” commun.pdf”=”” wellbeing=”” gourley=”” christopher=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_705_304b> Christopher Gourley
Walking for everyone: Getting socially excluded communities back on their feet <href=”ictct_document_nr_706_304c walking=”” for=”” everyone.pdf”=”” barnett=”” simon=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_706_304c> Simon Barnett
USA Equal Footing Summit: Outcomes and next steps <href=”ictct_document_nr_707_305a and.pdf”=”” outcomes=”” summit=”” footing=”” equal=”” usa=”” vanderslice=”” ellen=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_707_305a> Ellen Vanderslice
Advocacy for improved walking conditions: experience from a low-income country <href=”ictct_document_nr_708_305b walking=”” for=”” conditions.pdf”=”” improved=”” advocacy=”” hossain=”” maruf=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_708_305b> Maruf Hossain
Collective strategy for a new mobility culture in Madrid <href=”ictct_document_nr_709_305c a=”” for=”” mobilit.pdf”=”” new=”” strategy=”” collective=”” martinez=”” veronica=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_709_305c> Verónica Martínez Vázquez
Sustainable safe walking: the need for a pedestrian safety policy in P.R. China <href=”ictct_document_nr_710_401a sustainable=”” safe=”” walking.pdf”=”” lu=”” meng=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_710_401a> Meng Lu
A DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY 2011-2020 <href=”ictct_document_nr_711_401b of=”” on=”” a=”” safety.pdf”=”” road=”” action=”” decade=”” waeg=”” van=”” geert=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_711_401b> Geert van Waeg
Trends and basic figures of pedestrian traffic fatalities in urban areas in the OECD countries <href=”ictct_document_nr_712_401c of=”” pedestrian=”” and=”” tr.pdf”=”” figures=”” basic=”” trends=”” papadimitriou=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_712_401c> E. Papadimitriou
Transport, mobility and active walking <href=”ictct_document_nr_713_402a on=”” back=”” fee.pdf”=”” their=”” communities=”” getting=”” laousse=”” dominique=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_713_402a> Dominique LAOUSSE
The Broken Link <href=”ictct_document_nr_714_402b link.pdf”=”” broken=”” brouwer=”” inoek=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_714_402b> Inoek Brouwer
Analysis of Motivations of Developing Underground Pedestrian Systems – Decisive Effect of Weather Conditions <href=”ictct_document_nr_715_402c of=”” allen=”” unde.pdf”=”” developing=”” motivations=”” analysis=”” cui=”” en=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_715_402c> Jianqiang Cui
Measuring Walking, part IV: Data Collection Methods <href=”ictct_document_nr_716_403a walking.pdf”=”” measuring=”” sauter=”” daniel=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_716_403a> Daniel Sauter
A qualitative approach to assessing the pedestrian environment <href=”ictct_document_nr_717_403c the=”” to=”” a=”” pedest.pdf”=”” assessing=”” approach=”” qualitative=”” dellasin=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_717_403c> Giulia Dell’Asin
Child Pedestrians’ Quality Needs and how these needs relate to interventions <href=”ictct_document_nr_718_404a pedestrians.pdf”=”” child=”” leden=”” lars=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_718_404a> Charlotta Johansson
Once a walker always a walker or „You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”: Results of a mobility study of pre-school children <href=”ictct_document_nr_719_404b a=”” walker.pdf”=”” always=”” walker=”” once=”” ausserer=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_719_404b> <href=”person_nr_59.html”>AUSSERER, Karin </href=”person_nr_59.html”>
Roads of small pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_720_404c of=”” pedestrians.pdf”=”” small=”” roads=”” pauliniova=”” zora=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_720_404c> Zora Pauliniova
Visions for a walking and cycling focussed urban transport system <href=”ictct_document_nr_721_405a walking=”” a=”” and=”” for=”” .pdf”=”” focussed=”” cycling=”” visions=”” tight=”” miles=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_721_405a> Miles Tight
The End of Walking? The Future of Transport Systems and its Impact on Pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_722_405b the=”” of=”” walking.pdf”=”” end=”” alves=”” mario=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_722_405b> Mário J. Alves
Social forgivingness and vulnerable road users <href=”ictct_document_nr_723_501a and=”” roa.pdf”=”” vulnerable=”” forgivingness=”” social=”” houtenbos=”” maura=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_723_501a> Maura Houtenbos
Pedestrians at risk! The Pedestrian Behaviour Questionnaire (PBQ) in a Brazilian Sample <href=”ictct_document_nr_724_501b in=”” a=”” brazil.pdf”=”” pbq=”” risk!=”” at=”” pedestrians=”” bianchi=”” alessandra=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_724_501b> <href=”person_nr_141.html”>BIANCHI, Alessandra </href=”person_nr_141.html”>
Car drivers’ attitudes towards non-signalised zebra crossings and their impact on behaviour <href=”ictct_document_nr_725_501c non-sig.pdf”=”” towards=”” attitudes=”” drivers=”” car=”” hoessinger=”” berger=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_725_501c> <href=”person_nr_105.html”>BERGER, Wolfgang J. </href=”person_nr_105.html”>
Walking as a lever towards the multimodal city: what are the roles that mobility operators can play ? <href=”ictct_document_nr_726_502a walking=”” the=”” a=”” as=”” towards=”” multimod.pdf”=”” level=”” lavadinho=”” sonia=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_726_502a> Sonia Lavadinho
Gold Coast Rapid Transit: Planning for Pedestrian Friendly Transit Oriented Development <href=”ictct_document_nr_727_502b on=”” back=”” their=”” communities=”” getting=”” feet.pdf”=”” mepham=”” david=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_727_502b> David Mepham
Whole-journey planning – is walking is the neglected part? <href=”ictct_document_nr_728_502c tim=”” planning.pdf”=”” journey=”” whole=”” pharoah=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_728_502c> Tim Pharoah
Accessibility of Shared Space areas for visually impaired people <href=”ictct_document_nr_729_503a of=”” space.pdf”=”” shared=”” accessibility=”” havik=”” else=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_729_503a> Else Havik
The IDED‐method to improve the design of the Railway station Houten <href=”ictct_document_nr_730_503b the=”” method.pdf”=”” ided=”” brinker=”” den=”” berry=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_730_503b> Berry Den Brinker
The Walk Colchester project: An inclusive approach to safe pedestrianism in one local community, drawing on Internet-based mapping technologies <href=”ictct_document_nr_731_504a the=”” project.pdf”=”” colchester=”” walk=”” macaulay=”” rowena=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_731_504a> Rowena Macaulay
KOPRIVNICA HEALTH PATHS <href=”ictct_document_nr_732_504b paths.pdf”=”” health=”” koprivnica=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_732_504b> Helena Hecimovic
Walk4Life Dr Maps – supporting people to walk in their local area <href=”ictct_document_nr_733_b504c -=”” maps.pdf”=”” dr=”” aboaba=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_733_b504c> Ade Aboaba
Walkability, Social Inclusion, Isolation and Street Re-design Carmel Boyce
DIY Streets: creating safer, people-centred streets affordably <href=”ictct_document_nr_734_505b and=”” allen=”” streets.pdf”=”” diy=”” alexandra=”” miller=”” fiona=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_734_505b> Alexandra Allen
Walkability Studies in Suburban Apartment Neighbourhoods in Toronto, Canada <href=”ictct_document_nr_735_505c in=”” walkability=”” nei.pdf”=”” apartment=”” suburban=”” studies=”” hess=”” paul=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_735_505c> Paul M. Hess
Visualizing pedestrian flows using GPS-tracking to improve inner-city quality Tine van Langelaar
Activity Patterns in Public Space: a tool for assessing city centres <href=”ictct_document_nr_736_506a in=”” public=”” space.pdf”=”” patterns=”” activity=”” spek=”” vd=”” stefan=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_736_506a> Stefan Christiaan van der Spek
PARAMETERS DETERMINING ROUTE CHOICE IN PEDESTRIAN NETWORKS <href=”ictct_document_nr_737_506b in=”” pe.pdf”=”” choice=”” route=”” determining=”” parameters=”” czogalla=”” olaf=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_737_506b> Olaf Czogalla
A NEW TOOL FOR MEASURING PEDESTRIAN EXPOSURE <href=”ictct_document_nr_738_506c a=”” pedestrian=”” for=”” new=”” measuring=”” david=”” exposu.pdf”=”” tool=”” zaidel=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_738_506c> <href=”person_nr_109.html”>ZAIDEL, David M. </href=”person_nr_109.html”>
Pedestrians’ performance and satisfaction <href=”ictct_document_nr_739_ and=”” sati.pdf”=”” performance=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_739_> <href=”person_nr_103.html”>HORST, Richard van der </href=”person_nr_103.html”>
NON-MOTOR PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTS: A HIDDEN ISSUE <href=”ictct_document_nr_740_601b non-traffic-accidents.pdf”=”” feypell=”” véronique=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_740_601b> Véronique Feypell
Speed management : result of OCDE working group <href=”ictct_document_nr_741_601c management.pdf”=”” speed=”” rennesson=”” catia=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_741_601c> CATIA RENNESSON
Perceived environmental correlates of walking and cycling in urban and rural areas in the Netherlands <href=”ictct_document_nr_742_602a of=”” de=”” .pdf”=”” correlates=”” environmental=”” perceived=”” goede=”” maartje=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_742_602a> Maartje de Goede
The Hague: pedestrians in residential areas <href=”ictct_document_nr_743_602b the=”” in=”” pedestrians=”” areas.pdf”=”” residential=”” hague=”” ebels=”” enno=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_743_602b> Enno B. Ebels
Spatial planning in the Netherlands is good for walking, nevertheless fails in encouraging walking. Why? Benchmarking walking conditions and citizin’s wishes <href=”ictct_document_nr_744_s wishes.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_744_s> Jan Erik Burger
REDUCING TRAFFIC SPEEDS – New Principles for improving walking and cycling through street design <href=”ictct_document_nr_745_603a ben=”” speeds.pdf”=”” traffic=”” reducing=”” hamilton=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_745_603a> Ben Hamilton‐Baillie
Walkshop: Shared Spaces and Central Reserves in Germany <href=”ictct_document_nr_746_603b and=”” shared=”” reserve.pdf”=”” central=”” spaces=”” walkshop=”” schwab=”” arndt=””>Click to download file! Walkshop </href=”ictct_document_nr_746_603b> Arndt Schwab
Communities are formed by people, not by bricks <href=”ictct_document_nr_747_603c are=”” de=”” .pdf”=”” communities=”” by=”” not=”” people=”” formed=”” haan=”” pieter=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_747_603c> Pieter de Haan
Mobility and Civility: New Realities <href=”ictct_document_nr_748_603d and=”” civility.pdf”=”” mobility=”” knecht=”” barbara=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_748_603d> Barbara Knecht
The impact of subjective road safety on parents’ feeling of risk and their home-school travel choices <href=”ictct_document_nr_749_604a the=”” of=”” safety.pdf”=”” road=”” subjective=”” impact=”” mesken=”” jolieke=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_749_604a> Jolieke Mesken
Overcoming Fear: Helping parents to understand the real risks in deciding how their children get to school <href=”ictct_document_nr_750_604b fear.pdf”=”” overcoming=”” armstrong=”” tony=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_750_604b> Tony Armstrong
Star-Rating System for Pedestrian Walking Routes: A Pilot Study <href=”ictct_document_nr_751_604c walking=”” pedestrian=”” for=”” .pdf”=”” system=”” rating=”” star=”” corben=”” bruce=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_751_604c> Bruce F. Corben
Functional abilities of humans and identification of specific groups of pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_752_605a of=”” and=”” identific.pdf”=”” humans=”” abilities=”” functional=”” vukmirovic=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_752_605a> Milena Vukmirović
The Impact of Life Events in Older Age on Everyday Mobility <href=”ictct_document_nr_753_605b the=”” of=”” in=”” de=”” goede=”” impact=”” o.pdf”=”” age=”” older=”” events=”” life=”” &=”” hof=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_753_605b> Tineke Hof
Mobility management to promote walking for older people <href=”ictct_document_nr_754_605c management.pdf”=”” mobility=”” naefe=”” katja=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_754_605c> Katja Naefe
The Influence of Perceived Safety and Security on Walking <href=”ictct_document_nr_755_701a the=”” of=”” and=”” influence=”” perceived=”” secur.pdf”=”” safety=”” fyhri=”” aslak=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_755_701a> Aslak Fyhri
Contribution of traffic legislation and enforcement to promote walking in OCDE countries <href=”ictct_document_nr_756_701b of=”” and=”” traffic=”” enforceme.pdf”=”” contribution=”” janssens=”” isabelle=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_756_701b> Isabelle Janssens
Money Well Spent: Benefit-Cost Analysis of Treating Pedestrian Injuries and Implementing an Effective Engineering Countermeasure <href=”ictct_document_nr_757_b701c of=”” -=”” measures.pdf”=”” engineering=”” cost-benefits=”” gajda=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_757_b701c> Oliver Gajda
The Auckland Harbour Bridge – a bridge without walking access. Case study – the campaign <href=”ictct_document_nr_758_702a the=”” tour.pdf”=”” bridge=”” harbour=”” auckland=”” smith=”” andy=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_758_702a> Andy Smith
Pedestrian bridges <href=”ictct_document_nr_759_702b pedestrian=”” bridges.pdf”=”” talens=”” hillie=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_759_702b> Hillie Talens
Pedestrian Bridges The missing links in the network of footpaths as conspicuous landmarks Christian M. Thomas
Zones with reduced speed and commercial activities Alain ROUILLER
Cycling in pedestrian areas – facts and guidelines <href=”ictct_document_nr_760_703b in=”” pedestrian=”” cycling=”” areas.pdf”=”” godefrooij=”” hans=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_760_703b> Hans Godefrooij
Shared spaces for pedestrians and cyclists – does it really work? <href=”ictct_document_nr_761_703c and=”” for=”” pedestrians=”” shared=”” spaces=”” cycists.pdf”=”” butz=”” marlene=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_761_703c> Marlène Butz
Walking pattern in OECD/ITF* countries <href=”ictct_document_nr_762_704a walking=”” in=”” countries.pdf”=”” itf=”” oecd=”” pattern=”” berge=”” guro=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_762_704a> Guro Berge
Integrating pedestrian planning in land use and transport policies in OCDE countries <href=”ictct_document_nr_763_704b on=”” back=”” their=”” communities=”” getting=”” feet.pdf”=”” lamiquiz=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_763_704b> Francisco José Lamíquiz Daudén
Education and communication issues for pedestrians. Results from the OECD group <href=”ictct_document_nr_764_704c and=”” .pdf”=”” issues=”” communication=”” education=”” granie=”” axelle=”” marie=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_764_704c> Marie-Axelle Granié
Jane’s walk Jane Farrow
Walking the Dog – a motive for daily walks, illustrated for the urban park and Natura 2000 area Bosjes van Poot <href=”ictct_document_nr_765_705b walking=”” the=”” dog.pdf”=”” jaarsma=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_765_705b> C.F. (Rinus) Jaarsma
Why don’t you walk? <href=”ictct_document_nr_766_t walk.pdf”=”” you=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_766_t> David Lindelöw
Trampling over paradoxical trends and visions of European walkability <href=”ictct_document_nr_767_706a and=”” trends=”” visions.pdf”=”” paradoxical=”” over=”” trampling=”” ramos=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_767_706a> Manuel João Ramos
Analysing the pedestrians’ environment with regard to Pedestrian Quality Needs <href=”ictct_document_nr_768_ w.pdf”=”” environment=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_768_> <href=”person_nr_6.html”>MUHLRAD, Nicole </href=”person_nr_6.html”>
Assessment of pedestrian system output <href=”ictct_document_nr_769_706c of=”” out.pdf”=”” pedestriansystem=”” assessment=”” steenberghen=”” therese=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_769_706c> <href=”person_nr_97.html”>STEENBERGHEN, Thérèse </href=”person_nr_97.html”>

Plenary Session

Providing for pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_770_p02 -=”” for=”” methorst=”” pedestrians-def.pdf”=”” providing=”” speech=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_770_p02> <href=”person_nr_8.html”>METHORST, Rob </href=”person_nr_8.html”>
The safety of pedestrians <href=”ictct_document_nr_771_p03 pedestrian=”” -=”” safety=”” research.pdf”=”” hydén=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_771_p03> <href=”person_nr_1.html”>HYDÉN, Christer </href=”person_nr_1.html”>
Walking: a cost-effective investment in public health <href=”ictct_document_nr_772_p04 -=”” investment.pdf”=”” cost-effective=”” racioppi=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_772_p04> Francesca Racioppi
‘The OECD proposals for governments on Walking, Urban Space and Health <href=”ictct_document_nr_773_p08 pedestrian=”” -=”” results.pdf”=”” project=”” oecd-itf=”” vlastos=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_773_p08> Thanos Vlastos
Walking in The Hague; a gradual change towards pedestrian priority <href=”ictct_document_nr_774_p10 walking=”” the=”” in=”” -=”” hague.pdf”=”” smit=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_774_p10> Peter Smit
Encouraging walking in an age of austerity <href=”ictct_document_nr_775_p11 walking=”” of=”” in=”” -=”” an=”” age=”” austerity.pdf”=”” encouraging=”” plowden=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_775_p11> Ben Plowden

Poster Session

Accessibility in public spaces – a comprehensive approach <href=”ictct_document_nr_776_barts in=”” public=”” -=”” accessibility=”” spaces.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_776_barts> Paul Barts
Active Spaces – Attractive Spaces Conrad Kickert
Shared Space possible solutions for the access <href=”ictct_document_nr_777_dick the=”” for=”” space=”” van=”” shared=”” access.pdf”=”” solutions=”” possible=”” veen=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_777_dick> Dick van Veen
Pedestrian Detection Enhanced <href=”person_nr_429.html”>TODT, Eduardo </href=”person_nr_429.html”>
Improving traffic safety and pedestrian crossings Hans Godefrooij
Speed level at accident locations versus severity – Outcome for hit pedestrians and bicyclists <href=”ictct_document_nr_778_gudjonsson -=”” speed=”” levels.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_778_gudjonsson> Höskuldur Gudjonsson
A Pedestrian Data System for Safety Analyses <href=”ictct_document_nr_779_hafez a=”” pedestrian=”” for=”” system=”” safety=”” analysis.pdf”=”” data=”” alavi=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_779_hafez> Hafez Alavi
Havik – Shared Space – visually impaired <href=”ictct_document_nr_780_havik -=”” space=”” shared=”” impaired.pdf”=”” visually=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_780_havik> E.M. Havik
Pedestrians road safety trends in Barcelona city, 2002-2009 (OECD Group) <href=”ictct_document_nr_781_katherine in=”” pedestrians=”” oecd=”” group.pdf”=”” barcelona=”” perez=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_781_katherine> Katherine Peréz
Is there a walkable architecture? Francisco José Lamíquiz Daudén
Walk to school – Young Detectives investigating their way to school “Schulweg-Detektive unterwegs” Mareike Wendel
Pedestrian walkability and accessibility as driver for cultural, economic and social <href=”ictct_document_nr_782_maria walkability=”” pedestrian=”” and=”” accessibility=”” as.pdf”=”” villalobos=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_782_maria> Maria A. Villalobos H.
Assessiing pedestriian safety: the acciident scenariio approach <href=”ictct_document_nr_783_maurizio pedestrian=”” tira=”” safety.pdf”=”” assessing=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_783_maurizio> Maurizio Tira
Visualization of a city in accordance to the preferences of the pedestrians Ohyoon Kwon
Policy framework Thessalonici <href=”ictct_document_nr_784_papaiouanou -=”” thessalonici.pdf”=”” framework=”” policy=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_849_pqn-hague-papaioannou-basbas.pdf”>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_849_pqn-hague-papaioannou-basbas.pdf”></href=”ictct_document_nr_784_papaiouanou> <href=”person_nr_76.html”>PAPAIOANNOU, Panos </href=”person_nr_76.html”>
Experiental teaching model for measuring aestetics of the comtemlative walk <href=”ictct_document_nr_785_rosenblatt -2.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_785_rosenblatt> Jody Rosenblatt
Bottelnecks in urban main roads <href=”ictct_document_nr_786_rudolf on=”” -=”” roads.pdf”=”” main=”” bottlenecks=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_786_rudolf> Vera Rudolph
Safe roads to school – city of Copenhagen <href=”ictct_document_nr_787_safe to=”” school=”” roads=”” copenhagen.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_787_safe> Steen Moeller
Walkability in Austria: good practice <href=”ictct_document_nr_788_schwab in=”” walkability=”” -=”” austria.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_788_schwab> Dieter Schwab
Neighbourhood Accessibility Planning <href=”ictct_document_nr_789_sebastian neighbourhood=”” planning.pdf”=”” accessibility=”” buehrmann=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_789_sebastian> Sebastian Buehrmann
On the Move in the Community <href=”ictct_document_nr_790_st. the=”” on=”” in=”” community.pdf”=”” move=”” bernier=”” denis=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_790_st.> St. Denis Bernier
Rethinking Cities – Love walks <href=”ictct_document_nr_791_stuck -=”” walks.pdf”=”” love=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_792_stuck -=”” 1.pdf”=”” cities=”” rethinking=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_793_stuck -=”” cities=”” rethinking=”” 2.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_793_stuck></href=”ictct_document_nr_792_stuck></href=”ictct_document_nr_791_stuck> Stuck
How does a child perceive the traffic environment? <href=”ictct_document_nr_794_therese the=”” a=”” how=”” child=”” traffic=”” steenberghen=”” e.pdf”=”” perceive=”” does=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_794_therese> <href=”person_nr_97.html”>STEENBERGHEN, Thérèse </href=”person_nr_97.html”>
Charter for walking <href=”ictct_document_nr_795_thornton -=”” for=”” walking.pdf”=”” charter=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_795_thornton> Thornton –
Visualizing pedestrian flows using GPS tracking to imporve inner-city quality Tine Langelaar
Smart examples of Shared Space <href=”ictct_document_nr_796_van of=”” -=”” space.pdf”=”” shared=”” examples=”” smart=”” beek=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_796_van> Paul Van Beek
Activating the local centres Milena Vukmirovic
Healthy spaces and places in AU <href=”ictct_document_nr_797_wilson in=”” and=”” -=”” spaces=”” au.pdf”=”” places=”” healthy=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_797_wilson> Wilson
A KiSS for Childstreet A tool to measure the quality of the street from a child perspective Janneke Zomervrucht